Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Etsy Verses Artfire

I am with Etsy and Artfire. I have been with Etsy for over a year. I love Etsy, the forums there are wonderful and very easy to navigate. The people are great and the array of hand crafted items are marvellous.
The down side for me with Etsy, I find it so overpopulated with certain things. I gave up selling my jewelry over there, there is far too much competition. I will continue with Etsy as I am an Etsy fan.

I have been with Artfire now for a couple of weeks, so I am no expert. One of the things that I believe sets it totally apart from Etsy is the load product page. It is fantastic, I load more there as it is so much easier to use than the Etsy page, it is faster, more efficient and you can work on your description while loading your products.
I think that there are some things they need to work on, but overall I am very happy with Artfire.

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