Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting ready for our first craft fair of the season..excited for it to come...busy busy creating all the goodies to take with. I have just embarked on business through is a challenge, but a great marketing tool....My etsy is also back up and excited about that new year with new possobilities, excited to see what this year brings

Friday, January 13, 2012

A New year A New day

It is a new year and a new day. I cannot believe i have not updated my blog since march last year, shocking! One of my resolutions this year is to keep my blog up to will be a challenge for me in this busy world of life and motherhood, but i going to commit to keeping up with everyone.

I have discovered a totally great site, which I am sure many of you have also discovered...Pinterest...what an inspirational site for self, for home and for business...I have became hooked with ideas, so many I want to do. Well I hope this day finds you all well and i look forward to what this year brings for us all