Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Mother

A day in the life of a mother is never dull and always is a day in my life.

Thursday19th March 2009

6.00am... woke first child up for school and helped him get himself together.

6.30am... woke second child up for high school child..I assume that is enough explained.

6.45am... got first child off to school..he rides the school bus

7.00am... woke third child up for little girl, big mistake as she got to bed one hour later than usual the night before.

7.15am... drove second child to school and listened to third child screaming about how tired she was.

7.25am... made breakfast for third child, that was once i guessed what she wanted, it only took five attempts.

7.40am...fought with third child to get dressed, ended up dressing her.

7.55am...drove third child to school

8.05am...the house was quiet, finally had time to get that coffee...maybe I needed it at 6am.

8.15am...ran round like a crazy woman trying to get dishes done, all the stuff picked up off the bathroom floor and fighting with the laundry machine trying to get as much in it as possible.

9.15am... time to get dressed for work to leave by 9.30am, threw on clothes, through on make up..who knows what i looked like..never had time to look in mirror too much.

9.35am... headed out the door with garbage in hand to drop in trash can.

10am... time to start work.

1pm... finished work, thinking if I could get by with not having to go to the store.

1.30pm... got home, time for a quick bite to eat..really need food..had no breakfast

2.00pm...Husbands birthday...need to wrap birthday presents and clear the dinning table so we can eat

2.30pm... first kid will be arriving home soon...only 10 minutes to get some more things done

2.40pm... he arrives home..spend time talking about his day, but the only thing i can think of is needing to make a birthday cake.

3.00pm... try and get the laundry out of the machine and into the dryer...what a fight..I guess I had put too much in.

3.15pm... second child cam home from school, spent time with him asking how his day went....still thinking about birthday cake.

3.30pm... time to go pick up the third child..wonder what mood she will be in..hope it is a good day.

3.50pm... got back from pick-up, spent time asking her how her day was time to prepare a birthday dinner and bake a cake

4.30pm... cake is in the oven, dinner is ready to go

4.45pm... get laundry out of dryer, fold and sit it there..maybe I will get to pout it away before I have to fold it again.

5.00pm... Take cake out of oven, put dinner in.

5.05pm... trying to get cakes out of pans, hope i don't need to do a patch work job.

5.15pm... put breakfast dishes in dishwasher..oh here comes the teenager with what looks like my whole entire dish collection.

5.30pm... need to ice the cake...still is slightly warm..hopefully it will be okay.
I guess I did need to do a patch work job, the icing is running off the cake and I only have three candles for a 38th Birthday. Let the little miss cranky pants lick the bowl.

5.50pm... sit down to dinner, burnt the potatoes so had to scrape them out the pan..oh well!

6.00pm... Husband opened birthday gifts and we served the cake siging Happy Birthday in all different keys.

6.15pm... time for missy to go to soccer practice, need to try and clean up while husband takes her and before I leave at 6.45pm to go to ladies fellowship.

6.45pm... managed to at least get the dishes from the table to the kitchen. Told the middle child to wash them up only to be told "uh! I am supposed to be at school for 7pm". Gosh I had forgot about that.
I run out the door with him, get in the car and remembered I was suppose to take snacks to fellowship.
Run back in the door, grab whatever I can fin, back out the door.

6.55pm... drop child off, rush to get to fellowship.

830pm... Back from fellowship to find little missy not in bed yet. dad says he was just coming..yeh! right.

8.45pm... need to wizz round and clean up as I have my daycare baby tomorrow.

9.20pm... get the others off to bed..except the teenager who goes tpo bed the same time as me.

10.00pm... watch the news and catch up with the world.

10.30pm...can't believe it is bed time

And tomorrow we will do it all again.

Who said that Mothers are not superwomen..we are the ultimate "supermommy".

Oh! and sometime in that day I managed to blog to you all and talk to my Mommy on the phone.


  1. Yepp! We're all supermommys! NIce blogpost about that by the way!

  2. you need a holiday!!! What a crazy day! I drive the school bus my son is on - so we are up and out at the same time. My day is very relaxed compared to yours! NO- I do not want to trade. Hope you have a relaxing and stress free weekend!