Friday, May 1, 2009

Craft Fair Season

Craft Fair season is upon us. It is a time when us artist and crafters can get out there and share our wares.
I have done a number of craft fairs over the years between the US and Scotland.
It is a time when we can meet the very people that keep us in business and give us the motivation to do what we do.
In my experience of craft fairs...some you win...some you loose..and some are just so much fun it doesn't matter whether you win or loose

A check List for fairs from someone who has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt

* Never have your table too full
* Have a variety, but not too much where it confuses your customers
* Always iron your table cloths
*Have clear signs with business name
*Always have business cards and literature about your business
*Make sure you have plenty of change
* Make sure you have bags for all different size of items( I did a craft fair were most of my things were small, but I had made a couple of long scarfs..when I sold one I had nothing to pack it in, I was very embarrassed)
* work on your craft when you are there if possible
* Make sure you customers can either walk into your booth or around it
* Smile, you are not being tortured
*Never accept offers..not a good image for your business
* Take your own food or you will end up spending all your profits..maybe you should just shove earplugs up your nose so you are not tempted by the smells of that fair food

* Last but not least..have fun.

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