Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle....One of the eight wonders

Susan Boyle is one of the eight wonders, she comes from the holy land which is Scotland.
Watching her flourish over this past few weeks has been amazing. As a fellow Scot who moved to the States 2 years ago, I am so very proud of her.

She is an example to all of us. We all judge a book by it's cover and Susan Boyle is an example of the very reason why we shouldn't. People are judged for how they look, how they speak, and how interesting they come across. Well Susan Boyle was judged for all of that, then she literally blew away the world with what came out of her mouth.

I am rooting for her to go all the way. I hope she blows everyone away once again when she performs.
Go Susan!

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